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Health Briefs TV Looks for Eye Mites (5/11/2016) - Maybe you’ve heard of them, and maybe not. Eye mites are real, and can be experienced by anyone. They sound creepy, but with some simple daily change in habits, can be banished for good. Health Briefs TV looks for eye mites. What Are Eye Mites Eye mites are everywhere from bed pillows to floors. Pet […]
Health Briefs TV Shares Tips to Prevent Bloating (4/20/2016) - It is uncomfortable and unsightly. Bloating is just plain miserable. Good thing there are some active steps we can take to prevent it, and others to relieve it.   Does your gut feel like swallowed a hot air balloon? Is your abdomen so full of air that people think you could be pregnant? Men and […]
Health Briefs TV Highlights the Pros and Cons of OTC Drugs (4/6/2016) - OTC or over-the-counter drugs are those sold in drug and grocery store. The popular drugs can be bought without a prescription. Often, they are less expensive than prescription drugs. Like any medication, OTC drugs have their pros and cons. Health Briefs TV highlights what these are.   Minor pain or discomfort from sore joints, muscles […]
The Health Briefs TV Show on Why a Dad’s Health Matters (3/30/2016) - Couples who are planning to have a baby know that a woman’s good health habits can affect her ability to deliver a healthy baby. However, a man’s good health habits can help bring a fetus to full term and bring it to life healthy.   Moms and Dads might already know that a woman should […]
Health Briefs TV Relays Better Treatments for Chronic Low Back Pain (3/23/2016) - Most people have lived with some lower back pain. They schedule a visit with their doctor who might recommend pain killers to manage the discomfort. However, there are new and less chemically-dependent methods of easing chronic low back pain, as Health Briefs TV relays.   The US Centers for Disease Control recently suggested to physicians […]
Health Briefs TV Highlights MRSA Prevention Tips (3/16/2016) - Spring sports are heating up along with the temperature. Parents, coaches and student athletes should be aware of the dangers of resistant germs which can lurk on the most common locker room items.   Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, commonly referred to as MRSA, is one of the most common forms of resistant germs found on sports […]
Health Briefs TV Recounts Food Poisoning Prevention Tips (3/9/2016) - Nothing can ruin a perfectly good evening like food poisoning. Bacteria can grow in most foods we consume from grains to meet. Health Briefs TV recounts food poisoning prevention tips so we can enjoy the meal and the rest of the night too.   The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that 48 […]
Health Briefs TV Examines the Health Effects of Daylight Savings Time (3/2/2016) - Spring forward. Fall back. How can one hour of daylight make a difference in our internal body clocks? Health Briefs TV examines how day light savings time can affect us. Daylight savings time starts on Sunday, March 13 in the United States. This seemingly odd time change occurs every Spring when we turn our clocks […]
Why Losing Five Percent of Your Weight is Good from Health Briefs TV (2/24/2016) - The fight to lose weight is not easy and often takes a year or more of hard work. When engaging in a weight loss or lifestyle change program, participants will hear that losing five percent of their total weight is a win for wellness and confidence. Health Briefs TV explains why.   Overweight people who […]
Health Briefs TV Asks Do We Really Need to Be This Clean? (2/17/2016) - We have learned to put layers of toilet paper on public toilet seats before we use them. We also have been taught to get a twice yearly dental check up. But are these and other learned guidelines really necessary? Do we really need to be this clean? Health Briefs TV finds out.   Public toilet […]
The Health Briefs TV Show on Heart Health for Women (2/10/2016) - Heart disease is the number one killer of women. It causes one in three deaths every year, which equates to one woman every minute. The Health Briefs TV show takes time to relay valuable information on the heart health for women.   Heart problem warning signs are different for every woman, and different than those […]
Health Briefs TV Asks How Clean Is Your Cell Phone? (2/5/2016) -   Our cell phones go with us everywhere. We put them in pockets and purses. We take them to work, to the store, out to lunch, and to the bathroom.  Health Briefs TV wonders how clean are our cell phones?     The average cell phone has 25,000 germs per square inch on it. Where […]
The Health Briefs TV Show Shares Senior Health Tips (2/3/2016) - One of the best ways to enjoy a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life is to stay active and connected to friends and family. The Health Briefs TV show has some tips for seniors and those who care for them.   Make every effort to get up and move as often as possible. Avoid sitting […]
Health Briefs TV Re-Examines the Best Medicine for Colds and the Flu (1/20/2016) - Most people know when they are close to developing a bad head cold or are coming down with the flu. Despite all the advice, over-the-counter medicines and therapies, antibiotics are still asked for and prescribed. Health Briefs TV re-examines the best medicine for colds and the flu.   Watery eyes, dripping, cold noses, slight body […]
Health Briefs TV Examines the Effects of Cold Offices on Employees (1/13/2016) - Cold offices do more harm than good in the workplace no matter where one lives. Studies have shown that when employees are cold, they produce less work. Health Briefs TV examines the effects of cold offices on employees.   When it is cold outside, why should it be cold inside? Cold offices do make for […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews the Top Health Concerns for 2016 (1/6/2016) - What health concern held your interest in the last year? Was it the flu and flu vaccines? What it the measles? HIV? Breast cancer? These were some of the main health topics people searched on the Internet in 2015. They also are the main top concerns this year. Health Briefs TV reviews the top health concerns […]
Health Briefs TV Relays Safety Tips for Kids and Pets (12/16/2015) - Whether staying home or visiting relatives this holiday season, Health Briefs TV shares some health and safety tips for kids and pets.   A home with no children or pets can a hazardous place for small kids, cats and dogs. If family and friends with the above are planning a visit to your home this […]
Health Briefs TV Shares Healthy Holiday Reminders (12/9/2015) - Welcome to the season of parties and homecomings. This festive time of the year usually means we will indulge in the rich and delicious foods served at office parties, family dinners and other holiday gatherings. Health Briefs TV shares some healthy holiday reminders.   These reminders work at all gathering types:   Limit alcoholic drinks […]
Health Briefs TV on Having a Germ-Free Flight (11/25/2015) - Germs are everywhere in the airport and on the plane. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to reduce the risk of picking up someone else’s (or everyone’s) germs. Health Briefs TV relays how to have a relatively germ-free flight. Look around the gate area at the airport and it’s plain to see there are […]
Health Briefs TV Knows Why Men Eat More than Women (11/18/2015) - Who we dine with matters in how much we eat. While this is not really a scientific breakthrough, Health Briefs TV can explain why men eat more than women when dining with them.   In all honesty, men and women are the same when dining with the same sex. Women will eat less when in […]
Health Briefs TV Offers an Update on Concussions (11/11/2015) - The U.S. Centers for Disease Control reports that an estimated quarter of a million children are treated in hospitals for traumatic brain injuries such as concussions every year. These head injuries are caused by sports-related incidents, among other factors. Concussions affect adults too from falls, combat-related injuries, and sports. Health Briefs TV offers an update […]
Health Briefs TV Uncovers Myths about the Brain (11/4/2015) - We want to be clear from the beginning: it has been proven that there is no difference between male and female brains. Both are well-suited for math and for empathy. The difference lies only in our minds. Health Briefs TV uncovers some more myths about the brain.   As human beings, we use all of […]
The Health Briefs Television Show Devours These Foods to Fight Colds (10/28/2015) - The weather around the country can wreak havoc on our bodies. Cold and rainy one day then warm and muggy the next. It’s hard to know how to dress for work when it can be 85 degrees outside and 68 degrees in the office. The Health Briefs television show devours these foods in the fall […]
The Health Briefs TV Show on What Works Best for Low Back Pain (10/21/2015) - Chronic low back pain is a daily annoyance for many people. While there are several options for relieving acute lower back pain, some treatments work better than others. The Health Briefs TV show advises on what works best.   Many people who live with lower back pain take over-the-counter medication such as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory […]
The Health Briefs TV Show Profiles Fall’s Best Apples (10/14/2015) - There are over 7,000 different varieties of apples in the world. Which one is your favorite? Fall is apple season. The Health Briefs TV show profiles some of the season’s best apples.  Home bakers and those who love to cook can find a plethora of recipes, old and new, in which the apple is the […]
Health Briefs TV — National Depression Screening Day is October 8 (10/7/2015) - National Depression Screening Day is Thursday, October 8. Health Briefs TV believes that every day should be an opportunity to informally assess and screen kids and teens for signs of depression and possible suicidal thoughts. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control states suicide is the second leading cause of death among youth ages 11 to […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews the Good and Bad Fruits and Vegetables (9/23/2015) - Medical professionals always remind us to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. Five servings is the recommended daily amount. However, there are good and bad options in this food choice. Health Briefs TV reviews those which are good and bad.   Not many people would admit to liking broccoli or Brussels sprouts. But […]
Health Briefs TV and Why Outside Play is Better than Inside Play (9/16/2015) - Ever wondered why your mother insisted you play outside instead of in the house? Maybe it was to get the kids out of way so she could get some things done. But maybe there was another reason altogether. Health Briefs TV may have the answer.   On bad weather days, it is understandable that kids […]
Health Briefs TV Urges Readers to Go Take a Walk (9/11/2015) - Recently, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy announced a national campaign to encourage Americans to walk more. He also advocates communities to create more walkable areas which are safe. Health Briefs TV supports this announcement and urges readers to go take a walk.   Walking is an easy, free way to add movement to daily […]
The Health Briefs TV Show Discourages Long Work Hours (9/2/2015) - It is a long held belief in the United States that working long hours is a respected attribute. We think if we work longer and harder, the results will be better and we will get ahead faster. In fact, the longer and harder we work, the more our health is affected.   Health Briefs TV […]
Health Briefs TV Relays Best Healthy School Lunch Ideas (8/26/2015) - School started up this past week across most of the country. Some children brought a lunch from home, and others are buying the school-prepared lunch. Both options are good. Health Briefs TV offers some more healthy school lunch ideas.   School lunches used to be a topic of scorn and derision for kids. From the […]
Health Briefs TV on Preventing Children’s Headaches (8/19/2015) - Fall is the season of back to school and also the season when children’s headaches are on the rise. Health Briefs TV explains why headaches are more common now than any other time of year, and how to reduce them.   Academic stress and different bedtimes can ramp up headaches in children. As the school […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews the Top Three Child Health Threats (8/12/2015) - Children are the key to the future. Let us step up and do whatever we can to thwart these top three health and wellness issues that threaten their lives. Health Briefs TV believes that we can all do something to keep our children safe, healthy and well. Obesity is the number one health and wellness […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews Children’s Common Food Allergies (8/5/2015) -     It is back to school shopping time around the US. Parents and kids are stocking up on the great sales for clothing, school supplies, lunches, and snacks. Health Briefs TV reviews the most common food allergies for children. Parents already know which foods and beverages cause an allergic reaction in their child. When […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews Tips for Managing Allergies (7/29/2015) - Some regions of the country have longer allergy seasons than most. Health Briefs TV reviews tips for managing allergies from one coast to the other and all points in between.   Allergy season causes many people to suffer with runny noses, constant sneezing and itchy eyes and nose blowing. There are hundreds of products on […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews How Lifestyle Changes Can Lower Alzheimer’s Risks (7/24/2015) - A few simple lifestyle changes now may mean lowering the chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease later.   Health Briefs TV firmly believes in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. Ongoing studies report that by adding a few simple changes such as getting more exercise every day, one can lower their risk of getting dementia or […]
The Health Briefs TV Show Reviews Vertigo Symptoms (7/22/2015) - Vertigo can be a scary health situation for anyone. The Health Briefs TV show reviews it symptoms and explains what to do if you feel like you are on a Ferris wheel when standing up.   Vertigo is a specific type of dizziness where one feels the sudden feeling that they are spinning. The spinning […]
Health Briefs TV Advises on Light Smoking Dangers (7/17/2015) - People who smoke just a few cigarettes per day believe they can quit faster and therefore are exempt from the health dangers of smoking. Researchers and medical professionals warn against this train of thought, as Health Briefs TV reports.   Light smoking is defined as smoking five or less cigarettes per day. Women are more […]
Health Briefs TV Features the Best States for Happy Older People (7/15/2015) - We like to think that as we grow older, we will become happier and feel better health-wise. Fortunately, there is good news that there are some states where aging, well-being and happiness go hand-in-hand.   Health Briefs TV learns that the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reports that American adults over the age of 55 rank high […]
Health Briefs TV Extols the Benefits of Coffee (7/8/2015) - Health Briefs TV extols the benefits of coffee and not just to wake us up in the morning.   It is recently reported that coffee reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Additionally, drinking three to five cups of java per day can cut a person’s risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by more than […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews How Sugary Drinks are Unhealthy (7/1/2015) - Sugary drinks such as sodas and powered drink mixes are not only bad for the teeth, but can also cause death in the long run. Health Briefs TV reviews how sugary drinks are unhealthy.   A study found that more than 184,000 adults are killed every year from sugary drinks around the world, according the […]
Health Briefs TV Urges Seat Belts for Back Seat Passengers (6/24/2015) - It is mistaken to think that riding as passenger in the back seat of any vehicle is safe to do so without wearing a seat belt. Health Briefs TV urges seat belts for back seat passengers.   A few prominent people have died because they were not wearing a seat belt while in the back […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews Info on Toxoplasmosis (6/9/2015) -   Recent health news about the possibility of cat owners developing toxoplasmosis from their feline companions can be disarming. The truth is that the parasite infection is not all that harmful to the average cat owner. Health Briefs TV reviews the basic information on toxoplasmosis.   Toxoplasma gondii (t. gondii) is a common parasite that […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews Steps to Prevent Alzheimer’s (6/3/2015) - No one wants to admit they may be at a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s than others. However, there are some risk factors which can increase the chance of getting it. Health Briefs TV reviews some easy steps we can take to prevent getting Alzheimer’s.   Medical studies have found that people with diabetes tend […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews Sun Protection Information (5/20/2015) - There is hardly a place in the U.S. that is not hot and sunny on some days. As summer approaches, more of us will spend time outdoors enjoying backyards, beaches, parks, mountains and swimming pools. Beware the sun and its damages. Health Briefs reviews sun protection information.   Contrary to popular belief, the higher SPF […]
Health Briefs TV on the Good and Bad of Nutritional Supplements (5/13/2015) - There are hundreds of nutritional supplements on store shelves.  Some brands have a mark on the bottle indicating the ingredients are natural. Others carry a symbol that the product has been verified by a lab. But how does the consumer know if the supplement is good or not? Health Briefs TV reviews the good and […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews the Benefits of Yoga (4/29/2015) - Yoga is helping nearly everyone who tries it manage chronic symptoms and heal psychological wounds. Health Briefs TV reviews the benefits of yoga.   Anxiety disorders, depression and post-traumatic distress are the most common psychological illnesses in the country. They affect about 40 million adults. Medical experts estimate that these illnesses will become the second […]
Health Briefs TV Offers Healthy Brains Suggestions (4/22/2015) - Healthy brains keep us moving, thinking, feeling and living as we age.  Health Briefs TV shares some suggestions for keeping the brain active and well throughout life.   Medical studies have proven that older people with less cognitive decline participate in activities which keep their brains healthy.   Keep being physically active. A study of […]
Health Briefs TV Shares Stress Reduction Tips for Seniors (4/15/2015) - Everybody is affected by stress no matter their age. Health Briefs TV offers readers tip on how senior can reduce stress. Stress is felt in many ways by different people. Some experience it as a migraine and others as stiff shoulders and necks. Others are prone to high blood pressure or stomach distress. No matter […]
Health Briefs TV Shares the Top Five U.S. Cities for Well-Being (4/8/2015) - Well-being is not just about being healthy. It is a way of life with meaning, financial security, community and overall good physical health.   Health Briefs TV notes that three cities in the same area on southwest coast of Florida ranked at the top of the Gallup and Healthways annual “Well-Bring Index”. The North Port, […]
Health Briefs TV Relays Information about Exploding Head Syndrome (4/1/2015) - Symptoms of this head problem are more common than most people think despite the alarming name of the condition. Health Briefs TV relays information about it.   Exploding head syndrome sounds terrifying and it is for those who live with it. People who have it report being asleep and suddenly hearing a loud startling noise […]
Health Briefs TV – Important Facts during National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month (3/25/2015) - Colorectal cancer is cancer of the colon or rectum. It is the second leading cause of death from cancer in the United States.  More than 130,000 people are diagnosed with it every year and it kills about 50,000 people every year. Health Briefs TV reminds readers of what to know.     March is National […]
Health Briefs TV Defines Binge Eating Disorder (3/18/2015) - A new eating disorder has been noted and it affects a great many women. Health Briefs TV defines what B.E.D. is and how to beat it.   Binge eating affects millions of women and some men. The most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders reports that Binge Eating Disorder affects […]
Health Briefs TV Offers Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss (3/11/2015) - Some level of hearing loss will affect one billion teens and young adults, according to the World Health Organization. Health Briefs TV shares tips on how to prevent it now before these young people or anyone else loses their hearing for good.   Ask anyone you know who uses hearing aids if they can hear […]
Health Briefs Reviews on Why Zinc is Beneficial for Colds (3/4/2015) - It is a long-held belief that zinc can shorten a bad cold.  To note, there are many products on store shelves with zinc. Health Briefs reviews why this ingredient is beneficial to colds.   Colds are a winter fact of life and one of the most annoying health issues we deal with. Most of us […]
Health Briefs TV Examines the Root of Food Borne Illnesses (2/25/2015) - One of six Americans suffers from a bout of food poisoning every year, and there are roughly nine million cases of it annually. Health Briefs TV examines the root of food borne illnesses. E. coli accounts for more than 80 percent of the cases of food poisoning. It can result from eating bad beef and […]
Health Briefs TV and How to Deal with the Winter Blues (2/18/2015) -   Some call it Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Some call is the winter blues. No matter how the doldrums makes one feel, Health Briefs TV believes there are ways to deal with it.       First, acknowledge that the longer, colder days can make one feel tired, lethargic and down in the dumps. […]
Health Briefs TV Encourages Readers to Take a Nap (2/11/2015) - It is nap time. Go find a quiet spot and take a snooze. Health Briefs TV explains why a thirty minute nap in the middle of the day is good for you.   They are called cat naps for a reason. Cats can catch a nap that lasts 20 to 30 minutes, wake up and […]
Health Briefs TV Explains Why a Lunchtime Walk Works like a Charm (1/28/2015) - People who work in climates which allow them to go outside on breaks will benefit from a recent study about walking on lunch breaks. Health Briefs TV also explains why these short 30 minutes walks work like a charm.   Most office workers spend most of their day inside sitting at a desk. When workers […]
Health Briefs TV with Tips for Getting Healthy in 2015 (1/20/2015) - If getting more fit or healthier is in the plans for 2015, Health Briefs TV has some suggestions which may help.   The new year always seems to find people making resolutions to lose weight, get fit and increase wellness. Usually, these promises to oneself are forgotten by March 1st.  But there are some fun […]
Health Briefs Relays the Positive Effects of Weight Loss (1/14/2015) - The New Year is often the time when people jump on a weight loss and wellness plan.  There are many positives to losing weight and keeping it off. And there are challenges to keeping it off. Health Briefs focuses on the positives.   A weight loss of five to ten percent of one’s body weight […]
Health Briefs TV Reports on the Best Diets (1/6/2015) - There are diets for almost every health reason: lowering blood pressure, losing weight, reducing the chance of developing diabetes and improving overall better health.  The US News once again commissioned a panel of experts who evaluated the best diets. Health Briefs TV reports on the results.   The DASH Diet – It fights high blood […]
Health Briefs TV Reviews Global Health News (12/18/2014) - A report on the status of global health has been released. While most of the world seems to be living longer, there are still some very serious medical concerns facing everyone. Health Briefs TV reviews the report’s findings.   The 2013 Global Burden of Disease (GBD) study found that life expectancy is rising throughout the […]
Health Briefs TV Reports on Coating in Cans and Plastic Bottles (12/9/2014) - Americans have long been aware of the health hazards related to BPA, the chemical ingredient in some containers. There is a new warning out that states BPA found in the inside coating of aluminum cans and plastic bottles can raise blood pressure.   Health Briefs TV learns that bisphenol A (BPA) is in the linings […]
Health Briefs TV Reports on Head Injuries in High School Sports (10/3/2014) - Three American teenagers died this year due to head injuries received in an athletic event. All footballers, including teens in high school, have a 75% chance of getting a concussion or other head injury. Health Briefs TV takes a hard look at head injuries in high school sports and reviews preventative steps adults can take […]
Health Briefs Reports on the Ill Effects of Artificial Sweeteners (9/18/2014) - Artificial sweeteners in drinks and food are not healthy and can cause health problems such as obesity and diabetes. The Health Briefs TV show explains why artificial sweeteners can cause ill effects.   Sugar-like sweeteners that do not have any caloric value can raise blood sugar levels, according to researchers. In the science journal Nature, […]
Health Briefs on Why Less Sitting Means a Longer Life (9/5/2014) -   Sitting all day at a desk without taking some breaks to stand and walk can lead to sore muscles, stiff joints and a shortened life. Health Briefs explains why less sitting means a longer life.   People who sit at work all day long are destined for shorter lives. It is the cause of […]
Health Briefs Offers Healthy School Lunch Tips (8/28/2014) - Now that school is back in session, parents may find they are struggling to pack a healthy and tasty lunch for their children. Health Briefs offers a few ideas for making kids a great lunch they will like and will be good for them too.   Wraps are an easy way to get children to […]
Health Briefs Reports on the Gluten-Free U.S. FDA Food Labeling (8/6/2014) - The U.S. FDA stipulated a year go that food manufacturers had one year to clearly define what gluten-free meant on food packaging. Health Briefs reports on the status of the ruling, and presents information for those who are managing with Celiac disease.   Eleven percent of U.S. households follow a gluten-free diet even though 25% […]
Health Briefs with First Aid Tips Everyone Needs to Know (7/22/2014) - Every once in a while, something happens to us or someone we know and wish we had known some first aid. Health Briefs wants readers to know some basic first aid tips in case they are needed.   First aid kits are sold in almost every grocery and discount store. They are very affordable. One […]
Health Briefs Offers Information on Which Foods Should be Refrigerated (7/16/2014) -   When it comes to keeping food fresh, it can be challenging to know which foods should be stored in the fridge and which are better left on the kitchen counter. Health Briefs offers helpful information.     Eggs – Egg production in the U.S. is one which facilitates storing them in the fridge. After […]
Beating Obesity from Health Briefs (7/8/2014) -   The American Journal of Medicine recently found that the number of women who reported no physical activity in their free time went up from 19% in 1994 to 52% in 2010. The percentage for men went from 11% to 44 percent. Obesity can be hard to beat when one’s lifestyle is sedentary. Health Briefs […]
Health Briefs TV on the FDA Request to Lower Salt in Food (6/18/2014) - Americans are supposed to consume 2300 mgs per day of salt. Those with health conditions that salt can hurt are supposed to consume 1500 mgs per day. But in reality, we eat about 3600 mgs per day. Some of the sodium we eat stems from the processed foods we love.   Health Briefs TV learns […]
Health Briefs on Why Nature is Good for Us (6/9/2014) - Remember when your parents would made you go outside and play rather than stay indoors watching TV? It seems they knew something we didn’t – nature is good for us in many ways.   Health Briefs TV learns that there are very healthful reasons to get moving outside. We exercise more when we do it […]
Healthy Wedding Tips for Guests from Health Briefs TV (5/16/2014) - Weddings are beautiful events to attend. The reception is a fun time to gather with families and friends. The tables are set elegantly with food which looks divine. Health Briefs TV offers some suggestions about how to enjoy time special time and while remaining faithful to wellness goals   No matter what time of day […]
Health Briefs TV on Healthy Breakfast Options for Kids (5/15/2014) - According to children’s nutrition advocates, kids are eating more than 10 pounds of sugar per year just from having a bowl of cereal every morning. Health Briefs TV explores the report and offers some healthier options for breakfast options for kids. A new report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzed more than 1,500 breakfast […]
Health Briefs TV on Workplace Hazards (5/13/2014) - There are many hazards in the workplace which jeopardize every day safety. Health Briefs TV shares information on a few which have the potential to affect long-term memory later on.   Chemical solvents which are used for a variety of purposes can severely affect respiration and memory. Solvents and benzene used on the job can […]
Ditch Junk Food and Live Better from Health Briefs TV (3/27/2014) - We love junk food. Those salty foods, sodas, fast food, and really tasty treats full of sugar and fat. And we especially like any meal that can be made within minutes. Health Briefs TV offers advice on how to ditch junk food and live better.   One of the things we learned is to keep […]
Health Briefs TV on Allergies (3/18/2014) -   Allergies can be determined when we are kids and new ones can develop later when we are adults. Health Briefs TV looks at a few items we may be allergic to and didn’t know.             Cleansing wipes and baby wipes – An ingredient in them called methylisothiazolinone, or MI, […]
Health Briefs on Where to Find Affordable Child Healthcare (2/24/2014) - The Affordable Care Act is in effect in the United States and with it comes many options in choosing where to take your child for health and medical concerns. Health Briefs TV shares thoughts on where to find affordable child healthcare.   Children go through many different childhood health and medical issues from bad scrapes […]
Health Briefs TV on Ear Infections (2/10/2014) -   Almost every child will get an ear infection at some point before age five. Health Briefs TV shares some pointers for helping parents in the prevention of getting them and offers suggestions about how to deal with them.         Ear infections, also called acute otitis media, occur when mucus and bacteria travel […]
Health Briefs TV — February is American Heart Month (2/7/2014) -   February is American Heart Month. Today, we will address how every American can start to reduce their chances of developing heart disease. Health Briefs TV will outline simple steps to take to make sure you are here tomorrow for your loved ones.       If you smoke, stop. There are several products in […]
Health Briefs TV on How the Benefits of Increasing Testosterone in Men aren’t Worth the Risk (1/31/2014) -   More men have been taking testosterone to help with issues of low libido, but researchers are finding that these drugs can greatly increase the risk of heart attacks in men who suffer from heart disease. Health Briefs TV did a bit of research on this topic and found out some interesting facts. Research at […]
The Health Briefs Television Show Presents a View on Healthcare Series (1/28/2014) - The outstanding program will offer a segment focusing on the top healthcare solutions as part of its View on Healthcare series. Coral Springs, FL (PRWEB) January 28, 2014 Health Briefs TV producers are working on a new series which will be geared toward healthcare in America. The show will introduce the audience to the best solutions […]
Health Briefs TV on How to Know a Good Olive Oil from a Bad One (1/27/2014) -   Like most people, we never really gave much thought to which olive oil was good or bad or real olive oil or not. So Health Briefs TV took a look into how to know a good bottle of olive oil from a bad one.   There are many varieties of olive oil on store […]
Health Briefs TV Offers Tips for Readers in Blizzard-Affected States (1/2/2014) -   Here comes more extreme weather and it’s headed for the Northeast. Blizzards can produce dangerous whiteout driving conditions, power outages and food shortages in stores. Health Briefs TV offers tips on how to survive blizzards both inside and outside on the road. Monitor weather and news reports about the areas most affected by Mother […]
Health Briefs TV and the After Effects of Teen Drinking (4/17/2013) - Underage drinking causes more than vehicle deaths. It is an instigator for other troubled behavior and it is on the rise with kids as young as 14. Health Briefs TV examines the aftereffects of teen drinking. Teen Drinking Statistics • Every day, more than 45,000 teens under the age of 16 drink alcohol. • Most […]
Television Viewing Time and Children – How Bad Is it? (4/8/2013) - Pediatricians and parents have long been discussing how much time a child should spend in front of the TV watching programs. Most agree that TV time should be limited based on the child’s age. But there are some who link bad behavior to watching too much on the tube and what they watch on the […]
How to Keep the Elderly from Becoming Too Lonely (4/2/2013) - Loneliness and social isolation are two of the growing health concerns families and doctors have in regard to the elderly. While feeling lonely is no fun, feeling isolated from friends, family and acquaintances not only affects mental well-being but physical health also. Keeping Seniors Socially Active The younger generations are very good at communicating with […]
Health Briefs Looks at the Side Effects of Temporary Tattoos (3/26/2013) - Spring break and wedding season are in full swing all over the United States and with it comes the possibility that teens, brides and bridal parties will seek out and get one of the cool looking temporary tattoos. Medical experts are now warning against them as some are made with a chemical which can cause […]
Distracted Drivers Cause More Accidents than Drunk Drivers (3/22/2013) - Your right to live is more important than someone else using a cell phone to call, text or read email. Yet, there are only three states in the US and its territories which do not have a single cell phone while driving law on the books: Florida, Montana and South Dakota.  State accidents reports note […]
Health News for the Week (3/15/2013) - There are some compelling health and wellness news stories out this week we wanted to share. The news covers distracted drivers, coffee and green tea benefits, the mental wellness of those who do not have a job, spring allergy season and the recent FDA warning on antibiotic Zithromax. Trouble on the Road with Distracted Drivers […]
Insomnia – Are You Asleep Yet? (3/8/2013) - Sunday is daylight savings time in the US. We set our clocks forward one hour ahead. This means we lose one hour of nighttime sleep. To most people, this is harmless if not a little annoying. To someone who cannot get to sleep, this is a problem. There are 50 to 70 million people in […]
Happy, Healthy Seniors are a Treasure (3/6/2013) - Seniors are living longer and staying healthier. This is common knowledge. There are an abundance of activities which are geared specifically to the older generation that helps them get healthy and stay healthy. These activities range include senior exercise classes to playing video games. So there really is something to look forward to as we, […]
Easy Desk Exercises to Reduce Stiffness and Soreness (2/20/2013) - Most of us have jobs which require sitting in an office all day. We get in, we sit and start to work. Most of us do not take a lunch break choosing to catch up on email instead. But sitting all day can raise our chances of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. What […]