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Ditch Junk Food and Live Better from Health Briefs TV

(3/27/2014) - We love junk food. Those salty foods, sodas, fast food, and really tasty treats full of sugar and fat. And we especially like any meal that can be made within minutes. Health Briefs TV offers advice on how to ditch junk food and live better.   One of the things we learned is to keep […]

Health Briefs TV on Allergies

(3/18/2014) -   Allergies can be determined when we are kids and new ones can develop later when we are adults. Health Briefs TV looks at a few items we may be allergic to and didn’t know.             Cleansing wipes and baby wipes – An ingredient in them called methylisothiazolinone, or MI, […]

Health Briefs on Where to Find Affordable Child Healthcare

(2/24/2014) - The Affordable Care Act is in effect in the United States and with it comes many options in choosing where to take your child for health and medical concerns. Health Briefs TV shares thoughts on where to find affordable child healthcare.   Children go through many different childhood health and medical issues from bad scrapes […]

Health Briefs TV on Ear Infections

(2/10/2014) -   Almost every child will get an ear infection at some point before age five. Health Briefs TV shares some pointers for helping parents in the prevention of getting them and offers suggestions about how to deal with them.         Ear infections, also called acute otitis media, occur when mucus and bacteria travel […]

Health Briefs TV — February is American Heart Month

(2/7/2014) -   February is American Heart Month. Today, we will address how every American can start to reduce their chances of developing heart disease. Health Briefs TV will outline simple steps to take to make sure you are here tomorrow for your loved ones.       If you smoke, stop. There are several products in […]

Health Briefs TV on How the Benefits of Increasing Testosterone in Men aren’t Worth the Risk

(1/31/2014) -   More men have been taking testosterone to help with issues of low libido, but researchers are finding that these drugs can greatly increase the risk of heart attacks in men who suffer from heart disease. Health Briefs TV did a bit of research on this topic and found out some interesting facts. Research at […]

Health Briefs TV on How to Know a Good Olive Oil from a Bad One

(1/27/2014) -   Like most people, we never really gave much thought to which olive oil was good or bad or real olive oil or not. So Health Briefs TV took a look into how to know a good bottle of olive oil from a bad one.   There are many varieties of olive oil on store […]

Health Briefs TV Offers Tips for Readers in Blizzard-Affected States

(1/2/2014) -   Here comes more extreme weather and it’s headed for the Northeast. Blizzards can produce dangerous whiteout driving conditions, power outages and food shortages in stores. Health Briefs TV offers tips on how to survive blizzards both inside and outside on the road. Monitor weather and news reports about the areas most affected by Mother […]

Health Briefs TV and the After Effects of Teen Drinking

(4/17/2013) - Underage drinking causes more than vehicle deaths. It is an instigator for other troubled behavior and it is on the rise with kids as young as 14. Health Briefs TV examines the aftereffects of teen drinking. Teen Drinking Statistics • Every day, more than 45,000 teens under the age of 16 drink alcohol. • Most […]

Television Viewing Time and Children – How Bad Is it?

(4/8/2013) - Pediatricians and parents have long been discussing how much time a child should spend in front of the TV watching programs. Most agree that TV time should be limited based on the child’s age. But there are some who link bad behavior to watching too much on the tube and what they watch on the […]

How to Keep the Elderly from Becoming Too Lonely

(4/2/2013) - Loneliness and social isolation are two of the growing health concerns families and doctors have in regard to the elderly. While feeling lonely is no fun, feeling isolated from friends, family and acquaintances not only affects mental well-being but physical health also. Keeping Seniors Socially Active The younger generations are very good at communicating with […]

Health Briefs Looks at the Side Effects of Temporary Tattoos

(3/26/2013) - Spring break and wedding season are in full swing all over the United States and with it comes the possibility that teens, brides and bridal parties will seek out and get one of the cool looking temporary tattoos. Medical experts are now warning against them as some are made with a chemical which can cause […]

Distracted Drivers Cause More Accidents than Drunk Drivers

(3/22/2013) - Your right to live is more important than someone else using a cell phone to call, text or read email. Yet, there are only three states in the US and its territories which do not have a single cell phone while driving law on the books: Florida, Montana and South Dakota.  State accidents reports note […]

Health News for the Week

(3/15/2013) - There are some compelling health and wellness news stories out this week we wanted to share. The news covers distracted drivers, coffee and green tea benefits, the mental wellness of those who do not have a job, spring allergy season and the recent FDA warning on antibiotic Zithromax. Trouble on the Road with Distracted Drivers […]

Insomnia – Are You Asleep Yet?

(3/8/2013) - Sunday is daylight savings time in the US. We set our clocks forward one hour ahead. This means we lose one hour of nighttime sleep. To most people, this is harmless if not a little annoying. To someone who cannot get to sleep, this is a problem. There are 50 to 70 million people in […]

Happy, Healthy Seniors are a Treasure

(3/6/2013) - Seniors are living longer and staying healthier. This is common knowledge. There are an abundance of activities which are geared specifically to the older generation that helps them get healthy and stay healthy. These activities range include senior exercise classes to playing video games. So there really is something to look forward to as we, […]

Easy Desk Exercises to Reduce Stiffness and Soreness

(2/20/2013) - Most of us have jobs which require sitting in an office all day. We get in, we sit and start to work. Most of us do not take a lunch break choosing to catch up on email instead. But sitting all day can raise our chances of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. What […]