Health Briefs

About the Show

Nearly everyone’s life today has been touched in some way by the field of medicine. It’s a critical component to keeping the world’s population thriving. Though it can vary from region to region, the practice of medicine is centered on the same basic objective: to improve, save, and advance lives. Since its ancient beginnings, medicine has grown into a complex, multi-faceted field. Focused on the maintenance of health and the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, the medical sector encompasses many different parts today. The producers of  Health Briefs had a vision for a show geared toward discovering and exploring the medical industry’s diverse components.

“There are those who are on the frontlines of medicine, treating patients and performing the latest surgical procedures, and then there are those that provide support to the medical industry – software companies, researchers, manufacturers, and many others,” said Paul Scott, Executive Producer of Health Briefs. “Health Briefs takes a look at the dynamics of the medical industry and all of its associated, important people and parts.”

From research, pharmaceuticals, and alternative therapies, to healthcare providers, insurers, devices, technology, and more, the field of medicine is vast and ever-evolving. Medical software is streamlining the business of healthcare, enabling providers to spend more time delivering patient care. New devices and pharmaceuticals are being developed daily, to help us live longer, healthier and happier lives. Overall improvements in care are taking place in doctors’ offices, hospitals, clinics and health centers. And, as healthcare reform unfolds in the U.S., the ever-changing world of medicine is entering yet another evolution.

“We are sharing the latest discoveries, developments, and products in the world of medicine,” said Lisa Vrancken, Senior Vice President of Production for Health Briefs. “It’s a glimpse into some of the most interesting and fascinating stories in the industry.”

Health Briefs TV explores the emerging technologies, progressive treatments, revolutionary people, and innovative companies that are all part of the global health industry. The show is filmed on-location in areas throughout the world. The show is produced at USM Studios in Coral Springs, Florida.  Health Briefs combines a team of talented producers, writers, editors and broadcast professionals to deliver the best in educational and informative programming. The show airs on a variety of well-known television networks throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, please see the Distribution tab.