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Health Briefs TV Looks for Eye Mites

Maybe you’ve heard of them, and maybe not. Eye mites are real, and can be experienced by anyone. They sound creepy, but with some simple daily change in habits, can be banished for good. Health Briefs TV looks for eye mites.


Eye mites love the lash line

What Are Eye Mites

Eye mites are everywhere from bed pillows to floors. Pet owners are more apt to get them than non-pet owners. Medically called Demodex Mites, they are found along the base and lid of eyelashes. They are microscopic parasites and spend most of the time buried in eye follicles. The love and thrive on the natural oils the body produces. Faces, in particular, are favorite places to eat, crawl and reproduce. They don’t like light so they come out at night to mate and reproduce as you sleep. Sounds creepy, right?


Eye Mite Clean-Up

The eye mites do not usually cause any major problems, but having too many can cause eye irritation or inflammation of the eye area. If your eyes feel irritated, please visit your family eye doctor for an exam. Getting ride of eye mites is as easy as cleaning eye lids with tea tree oil wipes twice a day, and getting your eyelids cleaned by the doctor. It is a good idea to ask the doctor to check the meibomian glands, which produces the lipid layer, or oily layer, of the eyes.

Eye Mite Prevention

Take time twice a year to have your eyes and vision checked. There are several affordable eye care plans available nationwide. Good eye health can improve vision for a lifetime. Eye mites may sound creepy, but with proper diagnosis, can be eliminated and prevented from returning.

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