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Health Briefs TV Shares Tips to Prevent Bloating

It is uncomfortable and unsightly. Bloating is just plain miserable. Good thing there are some active steps we can take to prevent it, and others to relieve it.


Does your gut feel like swallowed a hot air balloon? Is your abdomen so full of air that people think you could be pregnant? Men and women both suffer from bloating. Causes for it can be from eating cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, and others. Heartburn drugs can also cause someone to become bloated and gaseous. It may seem easy to prevent bloating, but in truth, even chewing gum or sucking on a hard piece of candy can cause it. So can drinking a lot of carbonated beverages, and eating on the run.


Here’s what to do: squeeze some lemon juice on the veggies. Or better yet, slice and roast them with a little olive oil. Cooked veggies are less likely to cause bloating.  Don’t chew too much gum or suck on too many hard candies. Avoid carbonated drinks and try not to drink through a straw. Slow when eating. The faster you eat, the more air will go down with food. Health Briefs TV suggests taking a walk if you feel bloated. A little movement goes a long way in moving air and air bubbles out of the body.


Women more than men suffer from bloating mainly because their colon is longer where there is more room for gas to be trapped. So don’t ask a woman if she’s expecting when she’s only bloated. Offer her an anti-bloating pill. And then offer one to a man whose belly looks like a beer paunch, but really, he’s bloated.


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