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Health Briefs TV Highlights the Pros and Cons of OTC Drugs

OTC or over-the-counter drugs are those sold in drug and grocery store. The popular drugs can be bought without a prescription. Often, they are less expensive than prescription drugs. Like any medication, OTC drugs have their pros and cons. Health Briefs TV highlights what these are.


Minor pain or discomfort from sore joints, muscles and bones can be eased with over-the-counter pain medication. It is an easy, convenient and affordable way to deal with short-term pain. But pills taken for extended periods of time can damage internal organs.


Millions of Americans take OTC medicines for pain relief. It is feasible to say that most people consider these types of medicines safe and effective, and forgo reading the dosage and/or label instructions. Plenty of people forget to mention to their doctor they are taking an OTC medicine. More people mix OTC drugs with other drugs, and are not aware of the dangers of doing so. The risks are real and can happen to anyone: stomach bleeding, ulcers, liver damage and even death.


Here is the good news: when taken properly and in accordance with label instructions, OTC medicines do provide relief for a multitude if minor aches and pains from back aches, headaches, sore joints and muscles, migraines, and more. There is no need to call the doctor and get a prescription or a prescription renewal. OTC medicines are less expensive than prescribed pain killers. OTC drugs can be bought in many stores.


The Health Briefs TV show reminds readers to read the label instructions before buying the OTC pain killer. Go online and search for more information about possible dangerous medication interactions for the pain killer. Take only the dosage recommended on the label. If these types of pain relief upset your stomach, drink some milk before taking the pill. If pain persists, call the doctor and him or her the name of the OTC medicine you are or have been taking. Be safe.



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