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The Health Briefs TV Show on Why a Dad’s Health Matters

Couples who are planning to have a baby know that a woman’s good health habits can affect her ability to deliver a healthy baby. However, a man’s good health habits can help bring a fetus to full term and bring it to life healthy.


Moms and Dads might already know that a woman should not drink any more than two caffeinated drinks per day or risk a miscarriage. But Dads should also be proactive with their health in order to produce healthy, active sperm. Recent studies have stated that when men suffer from stress, overeat, or abuse drugs or alcohol, their sperm can become less “compliant”. Good health habits, such as eating healthy meals, reducing portion sizes, cutting back on alcohol, can produce healthier sperm. Healthy, stealth “swimmers” have a better chance of success.


Other studies have found that when men engage in healthy lifestyles, they pass those on to their offspring. Some results from research shows that how a Dad eats can affect how his children metabolizes glucose and manage cholesterol. If a man consumes food that is high in fat, his offspring can develop risk factors for diabetes. If a man eats a mostly low-protein diet, the cholesterol metabolism of his children may be altered.


The Health Briefs TV show believes that if Moms and Dads follow a healthy lifestyle, their children inherit good health. This is also true for couples in the family planning stages. Eat well, exercise, stay hydrated and bring healthy kids into the world.


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