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Health Briefs TV Relays Better Treatments for Chronic Low Back Pain

Most people have lived with some lower back pain. They schedule a visit with their doctor who might recommend pain killers to manage the discomfort. However, there are new and less chemically-dependent methods of easing chronic low back pain, as Health Briefs TV relays.


The US Centers for Disease Control recently suggested to physicians to think twice before prescribing opioids for chronic pain. Pain killers are opioids and can lead to addiction. The drugs are also expensive, have some side effects, and may eventually not work well to manage chronic low back pain. Surgery and imagery are not all that effective either.


What does seem to work, and is now a recommendation from the medical field is mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). This form non-invasive therapy entails meditation, physical therapy and some simple yoga poses. The purpose of this type of therapy is for the patient with chronic lower back pain to be more aware of body sensations, thoughts and emotions as they relate overall well-being. Posture training and exercise are also options. Good and affordable at-home sessions can be found online by searching for “MBSR sessions” or terms relating to it. Health Briefs TV encourages readers with chronic lower back pain to look into and try better, less invasive and chemically-induced methods of pain relief. Readers may also want to search YouTube for videos to get started.




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