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Health Briefs TV Highlights MRSA Prevention Tips

Spring sports are heating up along with the temperature. Parents, coaches and student athletes should be aware of the dangers of resistant germs which can lurk on the most common locker room items.


Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, commonly referred to as MRSA, is one of the most common forms of resistant germs found on sports equipment and towels, Health Briefs TV reminds. Hospitals, which have long been known to spread it, are being replaced by locker rooms and sports equipment and related items. Common risks to athletes are: uncovered abrasions during play, failing to perform good hand hygiene habits or using germ prevention items on hands, using the whirlpool tub before showering, sharing soap, razors and towels.


Prevention is always the key to good health and not becoming ill or catching germs which can spread. Follow these tips to prevent the spread of MRSA between athletes and in locker rooms and physical therapy apparatus:


  • Use hand hygiene items such as sanitizer or anti-bacterial soap frequently.
  • Take a shower after exercise and before getting into any pool.
  • Please do not share soap, razors or towels.
  • Cover all wounds and abrasions before getting on the play field. Protect skin with proper equipment.
  • Clean gym equipment after personal use. Spray it and wipe it dry. Don’t leave wet or damp equipment for the next person.
  • Wash and dry uniforms after every use.


Health Briefs TV encourages anyone who engages in sports or physical activity to be aware of MRSA, how it spreads and how to prevent catching it. It’s not just a medical scourge for athletes, but also for people who use gyms and take classes that utilize mats. Be aware. Take prevention seriously.



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