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Why Losing Five Percent of Your Weight is Good from Health Briefs TV



The fight to lose weight is not easy and often takes a year or more of hard work. When engaging in a weight loss or lifestyle change program, participants will hear that losing five percent of their total weight is a win for wellness and confidence. Health Briefs TV explains why.


Overweight people who need lose weight might see a long and difficult path in front of them. But ask any doctor or group leader and they will tell you to start slowly and work toward dropping five percent of their total body weight. For a woman who starts this healthful journey at 180 pounds, a five percent weight drop is only nine pounds. And that nine pounds can be shed in two or three months.


The health benefits from losing the five percent are significant: it lowers the chance of developing diabetes, it lowers blood pressure, reduces strain on the knees, decreases fat in the liver, improves movement and mobility, and increases stamina. The psychological gains of losing five percent are equally as beneficial: confidence improves, mood improves, participants feel more energetic and healthy which leads to feeling more positive all around.


Health Briefs TV is a long-time believer in living a healthier lifestyle. Simple changes to daily meals and snacks, as well as adding 30 minutes of exercise can be done, and done easily. To be successful at losing the five percent, it is best to eat smaller, healthier portions of food. Double up on fruits and vegetables with every meal. Add whole grains and some protein. Drink plenty of water. A 30 minute walk after dinner aids digestion, eases stress and boosts metabolism.


Follow this plan for a month. Get on the bathroom scale once a week wearing the same clothing. If the results are positive, keep going. Losing five percent of your total weight is good for both body and mind. You can do it.

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