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Health Briefs

The Health Briefs TV Show Shares Senior Health Tips



One of the best ways to enjoy a longer, healthier and more fulfilling life is to stay active and connected to friends and family. The Health Briefs TV show has some tips for seniors and those who care for them.


Make every effort to get up and move as often as possible. Avoid sitting around for long periods of time. This will help keep joints and muscles flexible.


If still working, make it a point to stand up every hour. Put hands on the back of the desk chair and bend the knees a few times. Raise the arms over the head and stretch. March in place for a one minute.


To work on balance, stand holding onto the wall or a study, non-moveable chair. Lift and bend one knee, balancing on the other foot. Let go of the wall or chair. Count the seconds you can hold this pose comfortably. Work toward raising the count a little more each time this exercise is done.


Tighten the muscles in your core and back end. Lay on your back on the floor or bed. Bend knees. Place hands flat against the floor or bed. Raise your hips slowly ten times. Work up to twenty times.


Walk as much as possible. Walk around the office. Park a little further away from store doors to get more walking time.  Take even strides. Breathe deeply, smile.


Strength exercises help older adults gain control of chronic disease, ease pain and depression, prevent falls, improve stability and remain functional.


Health Briefs TV also recommends finding a senior fitness class in your community. Many of them are free or are offered at low cost at community centers and senior centers. The classes are also a good place to meet new people, stay in touch with friends and be social – all of which are healthful to senior living. Sometimes, the social aspect of a fitness class is more beneficial than the fitness itself.

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