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Health Briefs TV Asks How Clean Is Your Cell Phone?




Our cell phones go with us everywhere. We put them in pockets and purses. We take them to work, to the store, out to lunch, and to the bathroom.  Health Briefs TV wonders how clean are our cell phones?



The average cell phone has 25,000 germs per square inch on it. Where do all those germs come from? If we think about it, we touch the phone after touching something not so clean such as gym equipment, restaurant tables, door handles, and toilet handles. The germs from those places are now on the phone.


Studies have found E. coli and MRSA germs on phones. E. coli comes in many varieties, and most are harmless. The more dangerous varieties can cause severe anemia or kidney failure. MRSA is a drug-resistant infection and can cause a host of terrifying conditions from skin boils to pneumonia. More commonly, the common cold and flu germs can also be transmitted via smart phone-hand-mouth-nose.


As accustomed as we are to washing our hands before we eat, we are not so diligent about making sure our favorite digital device is free from germs. One way to keep smart phones clean is to use a microfiber cloth to wipe over it. Be sure to add the cloth to regular loads of laundry to keep it clean. Pockets and purses are not the cleanest spaces for our beloved I-phone or Android phone. Neither is the desk at work. Visit the local phone dealer for anti-microbial cases or a packet of phone sanitizing wipes.


The Health Briefs television show wishes to thank for sharing the link to their dirty cell phones article. We wish them clean phones and good profits.

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