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Health Briefs TV Asks Do We Really Need to Be This Clean?


Rinse or wash produce before consuming it.

We have learned to put layers of toilet paper on public toilet seats before we use them. We also have been taught to get a twice yearly dental check up. But are these and other learned guidelines really necessary? Do we really need to be this clean? Health Briefs TV finds out.


Public toilet seats – According to public health scholars at American University, public toilet seats are not agents for the transmission of infections organisms. In fact, the faucet handles and door knobs are the worst offenders. So use a paper towel to turn faucets on and off and to open the door. Forgo layering the toilet seat with toilet paper which usually falls in the toilet before we sit down anyway.


Washing hands after using the bathroom – Some say yes. Some say no. But the medical experts say absolutely. The US Centers for Disease Control reminds people that good hand washing is one of the most effective ways to prevent getting sick. Use soap and rub hands together for 20 seconds and then rinse and dry. Think about the number of people using the same bathroom. Convinced?


Twice annual dental check ups – The American Dental Association recommends talking with your dentist to make this decision. Personalized oral care is necessary in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. People who smoke or who have genetic indicators of gum disease should get twice a year check ups.


Wipe down yoga mats and gym equipment – Yes, say health professionals. Yoga mats can be porous and if using a shared mat in yoga studio, please do wipe it down before putting it away. Health Briefs TV also encourages readers to wipe gym equipment when done using. Quite frankly, no one wants to touch another person’s body sweat. Ever.


Rinsing and washing fruits and veggies – Yes. It is best to rinse or wash them because that reduces the amount of pesticide and reduce the chance of ingesting food-borne bacteria. The exception to this is prewashed produce.


Do we really need to be this clean? It certainly seems so.

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