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Health Briefs TV Reviews the Top Health Concerns for 2016

What health concern held your interest in the last year? Was it the flu and flu vaccines? What it the measles? HIV? Breast cancer? These were some of the main health topics people searched on the Internet in 2015. They also are the main top concerns this year. Health Briefs TV reviews the top health concerns for the upcoming year.


The flu continues to be the infectious scourge it is knocking out workers, teachers, students, parents and almost everyone else. Health insurance companies and medical institutions ask and encourage clients and patients if they have had the flu vaccine, and if not, if they want it. In order to be more proactive in a patient’s healthcare, physicians are required to ask and record the reply in a networked database. The vaccine is not mandatory, but is recommended. It does not infect the person with the flu.


The measles outbreak in California brought attention to the affliction. The measles can affect unvaccinated children and adults more than those who have received the preventative shot. Research has shown that this vaccine does not cause autism or any other developmental problem.


HIV re-appeared in the news after decades of quiet. People once again searched for it online to learn how it is spread, how it can be prevented, and what a viral load is. Recent updates on the virus educated people who may not be following it.


Mammograms were also major health topic searched for online in 2015, the Health Briefs TV show learns. They still are in 2016 as they are one of the most effective ways to find breast cancer. Experts recommend women get a mammogram starting at age 40, unless there is a history of breast cancer in the family.


While these are just a few of the top health concerns, they are prevalent in the news and in the minds of the public. What health concern is number one to you this year?


The flu and flu vaccine are still health topics in 2016

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