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Health Briefs TV Re-Examines the Best Medicine for Colds and the Flu


Best medicine for the common cold and the flu

Most people know when they are close to developing a bad head cold or are coming down with the flu. Despite all the advice, over-the-counter medicines and therapies, antibiotics are still asked for and prescribed. Health Briefs TV re-examines the best medicine for colds and the flu.


Watery eyes, dripping, cold noses, slight body aches and the overall feeling of being tired – these are signs that someone is coming down with a cold. Now what? Head to the drug store to stock up on cold meds? Or visit the doctor or walk-in health clinic for advice?


Many people go to the doctor when their colds produce greenish colored mucus, along with other symptoms. Some insist on getting an antibiotic even though antibiotics don’t do anything to make the symptoms any better. The common cold and the flu stem from viral infections. As such, it is better to treat it differently.


Cold symptoms such as watery eyes, running noses, sneezing and coughing start off gradually and not all at once. Doctors most prescribe getting enough bed rest, drinking plenty of fluids like water and juice, and taking OTC medication to ease congestion and the other annoying symptoms. The Health Briefs TV show also recommends gargling with salted water to ease sore throats and help clear out bacteria.


The flu comes on all at once. One minute you feel fine, the next you might feel like an 18-wheeler truck ran over you. Symptoms include body ache, fatigue, chills and fatigue. The flu stems from the influenza virus and is best treated with prescriptions which fight the virus. Health care professionals encourage the public to get a flu shot every year. This helps prevent getting the flu, which can be serious and even fatal to small children and older people.


As the coldest days of winter are ahead, plan ahead for cold and flu season. Stock up on comfort items like soft tissues and favorite cold remedies. Add soothing sore throat lozenges, teas and honey. Warehouse and discount stores usually have good deals on these items. Stay healthy this winter.


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