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Health Briefs TV Shares Healthy Holiday Reminders

Welcome to the season of parties and homecomings. This festive time of the year usually means we will indulge in the rich and delicious foods served at office parties, family dinners and other holiday gatherings. Health Briefs TV shares some healthy holiday reminders.


These reminders work at all gathering types:


Limit alcoholic drinks to two. Liquor can be heavy in sugar which turns to fat. Go light on the alcohol in mixed drinks. Add more sparkling water, club soda and fresh fruit juices to drinks. Have a half glass of wine and chase it with a glass of water with lemon.


Appetizers at parties are made for taste and not necessarily to be healthful. Walk around the see what it being offered and choose the healthy options such as fresh veggies, fruits and whole grain crackers. Look for healthy spreads, dips, and salsas.


Parties are great places to mingle with colleagues, guests, and family members we haven’t seen for a while. Walk around in comfortable shoes and chat everyone up. People love to tell stories about themselves and there is no better time to listen than at a party. Spend no more than 20 minutes and then move on.


Health Briefs TV also suggests giving in to one indulgence and only just a little. Admittedly, our indulgence is Christmas cookies. It is very easy to over indulge in these colorful, tasty and sweet treats. Why not taste one of each kind and one per day? Well that’s like asking us to eat only one potato chip from the bag. Indulge a little so you don’t feel cheated. But put some sneakers on and go for a power walk later. That icing covered cookie is not so bad not, is it?


Enjoy holiday parties the healthy way

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