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Health Briefs TV Relays Safety Tips for Kids and Pets

Whether staying home or visiting relatives this holiday season, Health Briefs TV shares some health and safety tips for kids and pets.


A home with no children or pets can a hazardous place for small kids, cats and dogs. If family and friends with the above are planning a visit to your home this year, we have some suggestions which could make the little ones’ environment safer.


Lock medication and cleaning supplies in a cabinet or place them in the top shelf of cabinets to keep them away from curious toddlers and pets. Kids and cats love to climb and explore. Be sure to secure anything dangerous and poisonous.


Borrow, rent or buy a gate for stairs. This prevents falls and helps keep pets contained without crating them.


Cover all electrical outlets with inexpensive covers.


Tie up and secure cords from electronics and blinds. Children and small pets can become stuck in cords wound around their necks and can be strangled by them.


The Health Briefs TV show also reminds readers to be sure Christmas trees are secure in their stands and well watered. Trees can dry out easily. Keep cords from the lights tied together and secured to a wall so prevent tripping. Move small ornaments to the top part of the tree. Consider replacing ornament hooks with ribbon instead.


Everybody wants to have a safe and happy Christmas. Do everything possible to make this happen.


How to keep small children and pets safe this holiday season

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