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Health Briefs TV Uncovers Myths about the Brain

We want to be clear from the beginning: it has been proven that there is no difference between male and female brains. Both are well-suited for math and for empathy. The difference lies only in our minds. Health Briefs TV uncovers some more myths about the brain.


As human beings, we use all of our brain all the time, not 10 percent, as once believed. Brain scanning technology has shown that we use all of our brain at different moments and different parts are activated depending on what we are doing.


It is long been stated that our brains stop growing as we age. This misconception was proven false by research that shows the plasticity of the brain is still high long into our older years. To keep the older brain active and healthy, the Health Briefs TV show recommends eating healthy meals, get plenty of rest and keep socializing with family and friends. Another way to keep our brain healthy is to reduce the amount of alcohol consumed. While it has been proven that alcohol does not kill brain cells, it does affect decision making, speech and cognitive functions.


Our brains are unique and we need them well into our older years. They will keep working for us as long as we keep taking care of them.


Feed your brain well to keep it healthy.

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