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Health Briefs TV on Having a Germ-Free Flight

Germs are everywhere in the airport and on the plane. Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to reduce the risk of picking up someone else’s (or everyone’s) germs. Health Briefs TV relays how to have a relatively germ-free flight.

Look around the gate area at the airport and it’s plain to see there are people sneezing and coughing. Add to that the incredible number of people passing through that gate area every day and one gets an idea of how many germs are there. Here’s what to do to stay well when traveling for the holidays:


Carry a pack of antibacterial wipes in under the seat bags. They can be used on the arm rests in the gate area and in public bathrooms. After boarding the plane, wipe off arm rests, tray tables, light and call buttons. Use them in the bathroom to clean toilet seats.


Wash hands often when passing by bathrooms or sinks. Use a good amount of soap and water, count to 20 when rubbing hands together for a good clean, rinse and dry well. Use the paper towel to open the bathroom door.


Take a vitamin C supplement a week before travel. Continue to take it while away to keep germs at bay and boost immune systems.


The Health Briefs TV show also recommends getting a good night’s rest every night. Turn smart phones and digital devices off. Lower the temperature in the room and snuggle deep under the covers.


If a sneeze is building, be sure to sneeze into a tissue or into the crook of the elbow. This prevents the germs from spreading all over the place.  Everyone will appreciate not having possible cold or flu germs spread around.


Please sneeze into a tissue.

Stay healthy this holiday season!

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