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Health Briefs TV Knows Why Men Eat More than Women

Who we dine with matters in how much we eat. While this is not really a scientific breakthrough, Health Briefs TV can explain why men eat more than women when dining with them.


In all honesty, men and women are the same when dining with the same sex. Women will eat less when in the company of other women. Men also eat less in the company of other men when dining out. Both sexes want to impress their table mates that they are conscious of their health and wellness and eat healthy. It’s a matter of pride.


However, in a recent study, men ate more than women when dining with women. Researchers learned that when men ate more than the women they dined with, it was a matter of “showing off” in front of the women. Women tended to feel rushed through their meals, even if they didn’t eat fast. The Health Briefs TV show also notes that men might feel like they need to show off their dominance or attractiveness by eating more than women when together. But note that there is nothing attractive about a man being fussy about how the food is positioned on his plate or sandwich. Women tend to see such behavior as feminine and unattractive.


Men and women have many differences. But both like to impress the same sex by eating normal, healthy portions of food. The most noticeable change comes when men dine with women. Take note the next time you dine out with a man or a woman.


Look at the difference in food on their plates.


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