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The Health Briefs TV Show Profiles Fall’s Best Apples

There are over 7,000 different varieties of apples in the world. Which one is your favorite?

Fall is apple season. The Health Briefs TV show profiles some of the season’s best apples.  Home bakers and those who love to cook can find a plethora of recipes, old and new, in which the apple is the main ingredient. Or you can just eat it plain.

Even though there are so many varieties, grocery stores sell only five or six different kinds of apples. These represent the favorite varieties for most consumers.

  • Red Delicious
  • Gala
  • Granny Smith (green)
  • Fuji
  • McIntosh
  • Rome

Pick an apple.

True apple aficionados also love the Honeycrisp apple that is smaller in size with a softer pulp and is more yellowish-red than pure red or green.  Typically, apples grow on trees twice a year – in the summer and late fall. Both are great times of the year to grab a bag of your favorite kind to snack on, cook or bake with and enjoy.

Health Briefs TV notes they are good teeth cleaners and freshen breath. There are four grams of soluble fiber in one apple and on average, have 95 calories. They are a great source of vitamin C. Numerous studies have proven that when eaten regularly, apples can help prevent heart-related issues. Researchers also point out that eating an apple before working out can boost exercise endurance. They deliver the antioxidant quercetin which aids in endurance by making oxygen more available to the lungs.

Grab a few different kinds of apples at local farmers’ markets and grocery stores. Try one of each or snag a bag of your favorite one. No matter what color, size or taste it has, an apple day keeps more than the doctor away.

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