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The Health Briefs Television Show Devours These Foods to Fight Colds

The weather around the country can wreak havoc on our bodies. Cold and rainy one day then warm and muggy the next. It’s hard to know how to dress for work when it can be 85 degrees outside and 68 degrees in the office. The Health Briefs television show devours these foods in the fall and winter to fight off colds and the flu.


Chicken soup works wonders on a cold

Chicken soup – It is so easy to make that even we can do it without messing it up. Boxed low sodium or organic broth makes the best base. Add plenty of garlic which contains selenium, a trace mineral that helps prevent cell damage. Add shredded rotisserie chicken, a heaping handful of shredded carrots, some sliced green or yellow onion, and a generous dash of ground black pepper. All of this helps break up mucus and reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract. It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish.


Eggs – One of the very few food sources that contain a lot vitamin D, eggs can help build a stronger immune system. Use the entire egg, yolk included, to gain the most benefit from eggs. Sauté in a pan with scallions and your favorite cheese. Wrap it in whole wheat tortilla with salsa and avocado for a hot, delicious breakfast.


Yogurt – We love fat free Greek yogurt for it thickness and adaptability. It’s much less sour than regular yogurt. Mix-ins for the plain variety are endless from fresh sliced fruit, dried cranberries, semi sweet chocolate chips, honey, cinnamon, and anything else one likes. Yogurt is chock full of probiotics which have been proven to keep our gut healthy. A healthy gut is part of the body’s defense against germs.


The Health Briefs TV show asks: what do you devour to array healthy during cold and flu season?

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