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The Health Briefs TV Show Discourages Long Work Hours

It is a long held belief in the United States that working long hours is a respected attribute. We think if we work longer and harder, the results will be better and we will get ahead faster. In fact, the longer and harder we work, the more our health is affected.


Health Briefs TV wishes to relay the results of a recent study noting how working longer hours during the week can increase the likelihood of heart-related illnesses. Most people know that stress is a major influencer toward stroke and heart attacks. The study from the Lancet Medical Journal, with more than 600,000 individuals taking part, found that those who worked more than 40 hours per week faced an increased risk for heart-related medical problems.


Working long hours can be harmful to your health.

The study found that workers who spend between 41 and 48 hours per week at work have a 10 percent higher risk of stroke. People who work between 49 and 54 hours have a 27 percent increase risk of stroke. Both of these percentages are too high. The Health Briefs television show believes that overall good health is needed to maintain a better quality of life.  Long work hours reduce the time spent with family and friends. It reduces the time spent for physical activity which is essential to healthier living and living a longer life. Workers can request a reasonable work schedule with no more than the 40 hours per week. Employers can comply with requests and can also encourage staff to work smarter and not harder. A healthy life is valuable.  Long work hours are discouraged.

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