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Health Briefs TV and Why Outside Play is Better than Inside Play

Ever wondered why your mother insisted you play outside instead of in the house? Maybe it was to get the kids out of way so she could get some things done. But maybe there was another reason altogether. Health Briefs TV may have the answer.


On bad weather days, it is understandable that kids prefer to stay inside and play. There is an abundance of activities that can be enjoyed indoors when it’s raining, snowing or just plain cold. But on those sunny days, mom always seems to push the kids outside. Why is that?


Go play outside

Outdoor play increases a child’s physical health, decreases their chance of becoming obese and developing medical issues relating to it, and can improve eyesight. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association states that an extra 40 minutes of being in the outdoors can reduce the rate of nearsightedness in children. It is estimated that nearsightedness, or myopia, affects half the kids in the U.S. Myopia is a condition in which close-up objects can be seen clearly, but distant ones can’t.  A study done in China showed a marked decrease in the development of myopia in children who spent more time engaging in outdoor activities than indoors.


Health Briefs television show encourages parents, teachers, school districts and others to encourage outside play and study when the weather permits. School physical education classes can also be taken outdoors as can recess periods. Go outside and play.

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