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Health Briefs TV Reviews the Top Three Child Health Threats


Healthy choices at home carry over the healthy choices at school

Children are the key to the future. Let us step up and do whatever we can to thwart these top three health and wellness issues that threaten their lives.

Health Briefs TV believes that we can all do something to keep our children safe, healthy and well.

Obesity is the number one health and wellness issue for children. Poor food choices at home and in school make it easy for kids to gain weight. Lack of adult supervision or poor role models to emulate can encourage children to not be physically active. All of this adds up to weight gain. Provide healthier foods in home made lunches. Pack healthy snacks for kids to take to school.

Bullying is the second largest concern for kids. Bullying affects every part of a child’s life. Psychological issues manifest both now and later in their lives. Depression is one of them. Keep an eye out for behavioral problems such as refusing to go to school, wanting to be alone more often, and anxiety. Check smart phones, laptops, tablets and other digital devices for any signs of bullying or suspicious people and activities. This is not a matter of respecting privacy. It is a matter life and possibly death.

Drug abuse is another hot health issue. Even though some recent reports state that drug abuse has declined in 8th, 10th and 12th graders, illegal drug use is still the third highest threat to children’s health. Pot, prescription drug abuse and other illegal drugs are right around the corner, in the school hallways, and on buses. Health Briefs TV encourages adults to be aware of teens acting suspiciously. Search through their belongings from school and at home. Confront children and take action.

Our children are valuable. Every step we take to keep them safe, healthy and well is a step for our future.

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