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Health Briefs TV Reviews Children’s Common Food Allergies



Milk and dairy products are top allergy inducing ingredients


It is back to school shopping time around the US. Parents and kids are stocking up on the great sales for clothing, school supplies, lunches, and snacks. Health Briefs TV reviews the most common food allergies for children.

Parents already know which foods and beverages cause an allergic reaction in their child. When school friends come over to study and work on projects, it’s a good idea to ask the visiting child’s parents if the child has any allergies. Below is a list of the common food allergies to keep in mind when shopping for lunch and after school goodies.



Milk and daily products
Peanuts and other nuts

If a child has severe allergies to any of the above, alert teachers, guidance counselors, school medical and athletic staff. Health Briefs TV also suggests keeping some wholesome snacks in the house for treats when doing homework, such as fruit. Kids with allergies who come to visit and study should be reminded to bring their own allergy-free snacks.

An allergic reaction to food involves:
Skin rash or hives
Gasping for breath
Sneezing, coughing, runny nose
Stomach ache

If a child, yours or someone else’s complains of any of these symptoms, please seek medical care immediately. Here’s hoping for a healthy and safe new school year.

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