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Health Briefs TV Relays Best Healthy School Lunch Ideas

School started up this past week across most of the country. Some children brought a lunch from home, and others are buying the school-prepared lunch. Both options are good. Health Briefs TV offers some more healthy school lunch ideas.


School lunches used to be a topic of scorn and derision for kids. From the comments about “mystery meat” to the less than appetizing vegetables on the plate, school lunches were to be mocked and not consumed. It’s different today.


School lunches got an overhaul and district nutritionists worked hard to create menus that were healthy and tasteful. Fruits and vegetables are offered in sliced and whole forms and offered with dips and spreads to make them more fun to eat. The over-cooked vegetable on the plate is replaced with something fresher.


A fun option for a home prepared school lunch

The Health Briefs television show also relays that there is a great variety of healthy school lunch options on grocery store shelves. Parents and kids can choose from whole, natural nuts, sliced fruits with sweet dips, mini veggies and dip, healthy chips and cookies, and more. Plan a few hours during the weekend to prep school lunch items as a family.  Healthy school lunches are not only available, but are abundant and ready to be consumed by hungry school kids across America.


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