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Health Briefs TV Reviews Tips for Managing Allergies

Some regions of the country have longer allergy seasons than most. Health Briefs TV reviews tips for managing allergies from one coast to the other and all points in between.


Allergy season causes many people to suffer with runny noses, constant sneezing and itchy eyes and nose blowing. There are hundreds of products on store shelves to alleviate most of these symptoms. Most people who live with seasonal allergies know which ones work best for them.  But keep these basic tips for managing allergies in the forefront of minds first:


Keep windows and doors closed at all times to prevent pollen from coming into the home and in vehicles.

Wash all clothes after being outside in pollen-filled air.

Take a shower to wash pollen off the body.

Upgrade the filter for the home air conditioner to one which traps allergens.

Avoid going outside when pollen counts are the heaviest. Check local weather websites or search the Internet for a good smart phone app providing allergy alerts, such as


Health Briefs TV also suggests visiting personal physicians to determine the best allergy medicine to use. If over the counter medication is sought, read all labels to determine which one is best.


Don’t let allergy symptoms run amok









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