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Health Briefs TV Reviews How Sugary Drinks are Unhealthy

Sugary drinks such as sodas and powered drink mixes are not only bad for the teeth, but can also cause death in the long run. Health Briefs TV reviews how sugary drinks are unhealthy.


A study found that more than 184,000 adults are killed every year from sugary drinks around the world, according the medical journal Citculation. The drinks range from fruit smoothies to soft drinks. The bulk of those who passed on were diabetic. Globally, more than 45,000 people die from heart disease and a little more than 6,400 die from cancer. The US tops the list of people who succumbed to death from sugar-laden drinks.


Harvard University research found that drinking just one can of soda per day can lead to health problems such as diabetes. Two cans of soda increases the risk by 26 percent. Child obesity is a major health concern in the US and other countries. Health Briefs TV suggests removing soda as an option for children in homes and schools. Adults who avoid soda as a beverage choice will also gain from it by not having to treat diabetic symptoms, lose or have decayed teeth fixed, and will generally improve their health. Find better options than a can of pop/soda.


Sugar-laden drinks are linked to premature death in adults and obesity in children.

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