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Health Briefs TV Advises on Light Smoking Dangers

People who smoke just a few cigarettes per day believe they can quit faster and therefore are exempt from the health dangers of smoking. Researchers and medical professionals warn against this train of thought, as Health Briefs TV reports.


Light smoking is defined as smoking five or less cigarettes per day. Women are more likely to be light smokers than men.  A recent study found that someone who smokes fewer than five cigarettes per day is still at a higher risk of developing cardiac disease than non-smokers.  Often, people who indulge in the habit by having just a few smokes per week increase smoking later on.  Many think because they are not heavy or daily smokers that quitting is easy.  Those who have an occasional cigarette might have one with coffee in the morning, drinks later on in the evening or during stressful times.  Each of these circumstances leads to more smoking, thus increasing the risk of developing heart disease.


Health Briefs TV urges readers who smoke any number of cigarettes to quit. There are a good number of programs and aids to assist in fight against the nicotine addiction. Many are not expensive. Many are available through personal physicians, drug stores, and city and county health departments.


One of the best ways to curb the habit is to eat more healthy foods, get daily exercise such as walking, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Try to quit for one day. The body will feel the immediate effects: lungs will feel better, the heart won’t have to pump as hard, skin perks up, and eyes become brighter. Not only does the body feel better, but the psyche does too.  One day can turn into a week and then a month, and onward. Positive energy grows. Confidence is bolstered. Anything can be accomplished. What is there to lose?


Choose the best method to kick the habit.

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