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Health Briefs TV Urges Seat Belts for Back Seat Passengers

It is mistaken to think that riding as passenger in the back seat of any vehicle is safe to do so without wearing a seat belt. Health Briefs TV urges seat belts for back seat passengers.


A few prominent people have died because they were not wearing a seat belt while in the back seat of a taxi or a car from a car service. Certainly, there are many of us who think that the backseat is safe – when it so not safe. A crash test from the Insurance for Highway Safety found that a child-sized test dummy in a test van flew up to the front, striking a passenger and then slamming head first into the windshield. Adults can also be launched from the back seat to the front if not using the safety belt in the back seat.


Keep these statistics in mind when riding as a back seat passenger of is you have back seat passengers:

  • 55 percent of people riding in the backseat are killed in crashes when not wearing a seat belt.
  • The US Department of Transportation states that people not wearing a seat belt in the back seat are 30 times more likely to be ejected from a vehicle in a crash.
  • Of fatal crashes – more than three out of four people who are ejected die from injuries.


The Health Briefs TV show urges all vehicle owners to be sure the back seat belts are visible and operational.  We also urge all drivers and passengers to wear seat belts in both the front and back seats. Our lives matter. Protect them the easy way – belt up.


Buckle up in the back seat and stay alive


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