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Health Briefs TV Shares Stress Reduction Tips for Seniors


Petting a dog or cat can relieve stress

Everybody is affected by stress no matter their age. Health Briefs TV offers readers tip on how senior can reduce stress.

Stress is felt in many ways by different people. Some experience it as a migraine and others as stiff shoulders and necks. Others are prone to high blood pressure or stomach distress. No matter how one feels stress, there are ways to reduce it every day.

Go outside. Ten minutes in the warm sun relaxes muscles and brightens the outlook. A walk in nature, whether it is a short jaunt on a tree-lined stress to the nearest meadow, lowers blood pressure and calms nerves.

Try breathing like a lion. Inhale deeply through the nose, filling the chest and belly with air. Now stick your tongue out as far as possible and exhale with a loud “HA” sound. This relaxes the jaw and face, and can reduce facial wrinkles.

Hug someone. People who like to hug can hold on to another person tightly before letting go. This releases the love hormone oxytocin and reduces an elevated heart rate. Of course, hugging the right person can raise the heartbeat also.

The Health Briefs TV show also recommends these other ways to reduce stress: eat some dark chocolate. It makes one feel happy and sated and releases more happy hormones. Pet your dog or cat. Don’t have one? Call a friend or neighbor and go pet theirs. The happy sounds they make lower heart rates. And can keep a lonely senior from feeling isolated.

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