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Health Briefs TV Reviews the Benefits of Yoga


Yoga works to connect the mind and body

Yoga is helping nearly everyone who tries it manage chronic symptoms and heal psychological wounds. Health Briefs TV reviews the benefits of yoga.


Anxiety disorders, depression and post-traumatic distress are the most common psychological illnesses in the country. They affect about 40 million adults. Medical experts estimate that these illnesses will become the second leading cause of disability in the world by 2020 – a mere 5 years from now.


The practice of yoga is becoming a more prevalent and accepted therapeutic tool to manage these common ailments. Many people realize there is a mind-body connection and some seek help to make that connection work to heal their aches and pains physically and mentally.


When muscles and connective tissues feel tension, it can trigger the nervous system and raise the heart rate. Yoga works to make us aware of these triggers by releasing and relaxing muscles, which in turn slows the heart rate and is relaxing.


USM Studios, Inc. learns there are many yoga class options in cities, large and small. Some are free and some are low-cost. Most offer at least one free class to see if the class is something the client wishes to continue. Look online, at community centers, health clubs and where special groups of people of the same interest meet. Ask neighbors and friends. Try one class. If it helps ease chronic symptoms, it may beneficial in the long run. If you have tried yoga, did it help you?

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