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Health Briefs TV Relays Information about Exploding Head Syndrome


A loud and startling noise happens inside the head usually when asleep

Symptoms of this head problem are more common than most people think despite the alarming name of the condition. Health Briefs TV relays information about it.


Exploding head syndrome sounds terrifying and it is for those who live with it. People who have it report being asleep and suddenly hearing a loud startling noise that awakens them. The noise came from inside their heads. It sounds like a small explosion is going off inside the head.


Researchers noted that this syndrome most happened to people in their middle age. But when some college-age kids started to report it, the research community paid attention. It is thought by medical researchers that the noise people hear in their heads originates from a momentary neural hiccup when then brain transitions to sleep. The brain turns off its motor, auditory and visual functions in different stages. When it doesn’t shut down right, the auditory neurons fire all at once, thus, creating the noise inside the head. Health Briefs TV notes this is different than hearing a loud noise from the environment, such as a car back firing. Inside the head, the loud noise sounds like a mini explosion. However, this does not mean that the brain will stop working properly, and certainly will not “explode”.  EHS – Exploding Head Syndrome – is recognized by the World Health Organization as a sleep disorder. Talk to your doctor if you or someone you know is experiencing EHS.

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