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Health Briefs TV Offers Tips to Prevent Hearing Loss


Take the ear buds out or turn the volume down.

Some level of hearing loss will affect one billion teens and young adults, according to the World Health Organization. Health Briefs TV shares tips on how to prevent it now before these young people or anyone else loses their hearing for good.


Ask anyone you know who uses hearing aids if they can hear the same way they could before their hearing started to go. Almost all of them will say no. Hearing aids not only amplify the foreground sound, such as someone talking to you from across a table, but also the background noise. Imagine going to the movies with hearing aids. You can barely hear the dialogue because the background music is amplified. Reading the actors’ lips may be your only way to know what was said.


Smart phones and digital devices have the capability to play music, television shows and films – and at decibel levels that can cause major hearing loss later in life. Add ear buds to the mix and someone who is 18 today may need a hearing aid device by the time he or she turns 30. Loud bars, clubs and sitting too close to rock concert amplifiers can also affect hearing permanently. Health Briefs TV reminds readers that hearing loss is permanent. It never comes back. How cool is that?


Want to prevent it?

  • Turn the sound down on all digital devices if using ear buds or ear phones.
  • If working in loud bars or clubs, use ear plugs or cotton in your ears to reduce the amount of noise.
  • Take a break away from loud places or from listening to loud forms of entertainment with ear buds.


One of the most valuable resources you have is the ability to hear. Don’t ruin it. Because once it’s gone, it won’t come back.

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