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Health Briefs Reviews on Why Zinc is Beneficial for Colds


Zinc lozenges can shorten a cold.

It is a long-held belief that zinc can shorten a bad cold.  To note, there are many products on store shelves with zinc. Health Briefs reviews why this ingredient is beneficial to colds.


Colds are a winter fact of life and one of the most annoying health issues we deal with. Most of us know when a cold is about to take over and make us feel miserable for a week or two.  It can be the tell-tale sniffles, a few lung-wrenching sneezes or that feeling too tired to move. Rest assured readers, a little zinc may be able to kick that impending cold out the front door.


Lozenges are the most common form of taking zinc. While there is no proof that zinc can prevent a cold, it can shorten it. Suck on three to four lozenges throughout the day to get the recommended 75 milligrams needed.


Zinc sprays and gels do not work well. Gels on sticks that go in the nose have caused more than 130 people to lose their sense of smell. Throat sprays can also go up the nose. Again, lozenges are the best form of taking zinc when a cold is threatening our health.


The Health Briefs TV show relays that the safest upper limit for zinc in adults is 40 milligrams per day, reported by the Institute of Medicine. Take one lozenge per day if healthy, and a few if feeling the effects of a cold. Read the package labels before buying any zinc lozenge. Some are better than others.

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