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Health Briefs TV Examines the Root of Food Borne Illnesses


Wash hands, food and food prep surfaced well.

One of six Americans suffers from a bout of food poisoning every year, and there are roughly nine million cases of it annually. Health Briefs TV examines the root of food borne illnesses.

E. coli accounts for more than 80 percent of the cases of food poisoning. It can result from eating bad beef and bad crops of leafy greens.

Salmonella is a type of bacteria which can end up in a large variety of foods. Nearly 77% of its cases were from eggs, chicken, beef, bean sprouts, pork and seeded fruits and vegetables like melons and tomatoes.

Campylobacter is the main problem in dairy products. It is a bacteria which more than 60% of cases stem from raw milk and cheese.

Listeria can stem from fruits such as cantaloupe, which accounts for about half of the infections of this kind.

The Health Briefs TV show reminds readers to wash hands, counters, cutting boards and food before and after slicing or preparing it. Always take the time to follow the food handling guidelines on all packaging. Prevention will keep family members and guests free from feeling rotten after a meal. Fifty-five thousand people a year are hospitalized from food-related illnesses every year. Don’t let someone you love get sick from food not handled or prepared correctly.

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