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Health Briefs

Health Briefs TV with Tips for Getting Healthy in 2015


A fitness buddy will keep you on track and feeling positive.

If getting more fit or healthier is in the plans for 2015, Health Briefs TV has some suggestions which may help.


The new year always seems to find people making resolutions to lose weight, get fit and increase wellness. Usually, these promises to oneself are forgotten by March 1st.  But there are some fun ways to keep them alive and working into the year.


Enlist a friend, partner or spouse to join the get healthy plan. Support is always a good thing and so is having a cohort.


Download the music which will get instill the will to get moving. Don’t forget to add warm up and cool down tunes since those are vital factors in keeping injuries at bay.


Quitting smoking is hard to do. If a couple smokes, they are more likely to quit successfully together than alone. Smokers who have a non-smoking mate were also more likely to kick the habit.


The Health Briefs TV show reminds readers of the expression “misery love company”. When one is on a year-long plan to lose weight, become more fit, and is committed to changing a behavior, it helps tremendously to do it with support. This can be in a group setting, one on one with a friend or personal trainer or with a spouse or significant other. The buddy system works and is one of the best tips we have for getting healthy in 2015.


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