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Health Briefs TV Explains Why a Lunchtime Walk Works like a Charm


Put some sneakers on and go take a walk.

People who work in climates which allow them to go outside on breaks will benefit from a recent study about walking on lunch breaks. Health Briefs TV also explains why these short 30 minutes walks work like a charm.


Most office workers spend most of their day inside sitting at a desk. When workers get up and make an effort to walk for 30 minutes on a lunch break, it is not only their health, but their mood and productivity also. When these sedentary workers took the time to walk, at different paces, on their lunchtime breaks, nearly all of them reported feeling more enthusiastic, less tense, more relaxed and better able to cope on the days they walked.


Walking helps clear the mind, warms up stiff joints and muscles, and generally eases stress. It also helps clarify and organize thoughts which is beneficial to those who have afternoon meetings to lead or attend. The Health Briefs TV show also notes that three 30 minutes walks per week at lunchtime work like charm to improve overall health and wellness. The change of scenery is refreshing gives one the opportunity to appreciate what really matters in life – life.

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