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Health Briefs TV Reports on Coating in Cans and Plastic Bottles


The BPA in linings of aluminum cans can raise blood pressure.

Americans have long been aware of the health hazards related to BPA, the chemical ingredient in some containers. There is a new warning out that states BPA found in the inside coating of aluminum cans and plastic bottles can raise blood pressure.


Health Briefs TV learns that bisphenol A (BPA) is in the linings of most canned foods and drinks such as Coca-cola. It is also found in register receipts.  Researchers in Korea conducted tests to see if the BPA in these items affected the test subject’s blood pressure. They found that even small doses of BPA can significantly increase blood pressure in adults – temporarily. It is important to note that there is also BPA in the linings of canned fruits and vegetables and also in canned meats and fish. Always be sure to drain the food item and rinse well before cooking. This may reduce the amount of BPA on it making it healthier. Glass jars and juice boxes are healthier for beverages and some produce items. Frozen vegetables are also healthier than canned ones. Health Briefs TV encourages readers to seek healthier alternatives to drinking from or eating food from BPA lined aluminum cans.

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