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Health Briefs TV Reports on Head Injuries in High School Sports


High school sports-related head injuries are on the rise.

Three American teenagers died this year due to head injuries received in an athletic event. All footballers, including teens in high school, have a 75% chance of getting a concussion or other head injury. Health Briefs TV takes a hard look at head injuries in high school sports and reviews preventative steps adults can take to prevent them.


The number of concussions and other head trauma caused by a hard hit is between 165,000 and 300,000 for high school athletes. And the number of head injuries a teen gets more than once is also on the rise. As a result, the number of youth sports team is down a little more than two percent. Parents are taking action when it comes to introducing their kids to tackle sports, like football. As a result, some youth sport leagues are struggling to put teams together.


There are several steps adults can take in the prevention of concussions and head injuries. Question coaches and team doctors about what they do if a child is hit hard and receives a hard knock on the head. Insist on helmets that better protect heads. If the child shows signs of head trauma such as disorientation, take the player out of the game and to an emergency room for evaluation. The Health Briefs TV show understands that no game is worth the permanent damage a concussion or head injury can cause a child. It is the responsibility of every adult involved in the sport to ensure each player is well protected and care for.

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