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Health Briefs

Health Briefs Reports on the Ill Effects of Artificial Sweeteners


Avoid these sweeteners for better health

Artificial sweeteners in drinks and food are not healthy and can cause health problems such as obesity and diabetes. The Health Briefs TV show explains why artificial sweeteners can cause ill effects.


Sugar-like sweeteners that do not have any caloric value can raise blood sugar levels, according to researchers. In the science journal Nature, the experts found that artificial sweeteners can increase blood sugar levels in mice and humans by interfering with gut microbes. Sugar replacements such as saccharin, sucralose and aspartame caused the  mice to experience glucose intolerance which can lead to diabetes.


Artificial sweeteners can also fool the one consuming them into thinking the drink or food is healthier without sugar and with less or no calories. Health Briefs TV believes the best way to reduce the risk of developing diabetes is to eat healthier meals, get daily exercise and drink plenty of water. A diet soda every now and then is not all that bad. But avoid drinking them every day. Always be sure to check with personal medical professionals before making any dietary changes.


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