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Health Briefs on Why Less Sitting Means a Longer Life


Get up and walk to someone’s office instead of calling


Sitting all day at a desk without taking some breaks to stand and walk can lead to sore muscles, stiff joints and a shortened life. Health Briefs explains why less sitting means a longer life.


People who sit at work all day long are destined for shorter lives. It is the cause of many health problems, both mentally and physically. It can lead to heart disease and other heart-related issues like heart attacks and strokes.  It is also linked with obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. When one sits for more than eight hours a day at work, it wreaks havoc on a worker’s morale and overall mental wellness. Want employees to work smarter and not harder? Allow them to stand up and walk around a little bit. Encourage them to stand and stretch. Take a short walk outside twice a day to get blood moving and loosen muscles and bones.


Health Briefs TV knows that one person at work gets up regularly to walk around, it motivates others to do the same. Soon, more employees are up and moving. Blood begins to flow more freely and oxygen is sent to the brain, which stimulates creativity and produces more energy. These are all positive factors that employers should take into consideration if the workforce is chained to chairs all day long, not producing much. An energized employee is one who will work harder and be more determined to stay in the job longer. And isn’t that what an employer wants?



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