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Health Briefs Offers Information on Which Foods Should be Refrigerated


Do you store this on the counter or in the fridge?


When it comes to keeping food fresh, it can be challenging to know which foods should be stored in the fridge and which are better left on the kitchen counter. Health Briefs offers helpful information.



Eggs – Egg production in the U.S. is one which facilitates storing them in the fridge. After eggs are collected, they are washed and sprayed with a sanitizer and then placed in a cooler. To place them on store shelves and not in a refrigerated unit would increase the chance of bacterial growth. This is why we also put them in the fridge when we get home.


Butter – Some like it kept on the counter because it is more easily spread, while others prefer it stored in the fridge to keep from spoiling. In very warm climates, such as the South, it is best to keep it in the fridge. Otherwise, it might melt all over the plate and it can spoil faster. In cooler climates such as those in the Heartland, one can keep it on the counter. However, where one keeps butter can lead to a heated debate.


Produce – Most produce like tomatoes and fruits should be kept on the counter. There are compounds in our produce which can breakdown when refrigerated and render produce tasteless when put in the fridge. Instead, leave fruits and some veggies on the counter to ripen. In the summer, check them every day since they can become ripe in a matter of days. The Health Briefs TV show encourages readers to share what foods they keep on the counter and in the fridge.



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