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Beat obesity with a walk after dinner


The American Journal of Medicine recently found that the number of women who reported no physical activity in their free time went up from 19% in 1994 to 52% in 2010. The percentage for men went from 11% to 44 percent. Obesity can be hard to beat when one’s lifestyle is sedentary. Health Briefs offers tips on how to start beating obesity.


It takes very little effort to begin to add movement to a life usually spent sitting down. America is used to having dinner in front of the TV and then relaxing all night on the sofa until bedtime. But one small change can make a difference: get up and walk.


A pleasant walk after dinner is one way to prevent becoming obese. Twenty to thirty minutes per evening is all it takes. Grab a leash and the family dog. Chase the kids outside to go with you. Enlist a spouse to walk beside you. The short but beneficial walk will be good for everyone.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention scientists looked at the rise in abdominal obesity. This is a marker for mortality even in people with average BMIs. Experts define abdominal obesity by waist circumference of 34.65 inches (88 cm) or greater for women, and 40.16 in (102 cm) or greater for men.


The best way to beat this type of obesity is to limit caloric intake and add exercise to daily living. An easy way to do this is to avoid fast food. Replace junk food with healthier food such as fruits and vegetables. And drink plenty of water all day and evening.  Health Briefs TV also suggests healthier meals for schools and safe, clean parks where families can go to get some movement in their lives. A few small steps are the first ones to take to beating obesity.




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