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Health Briefs TV on the FDA Request to Lower Salt in Food


The FDA is working to reduce salt in processed and other packaged food

Americans are supposed to consume 2300 mgs per day of salt. Those with health conditions that salt can hurt are supposed to consume 1500 mgs per day. But in reality, we eat about 3600 mgs per day. Some of the sodium we eat stems from the processed foods we love.


Health Briefs TV learns that the FDA is requesting food manufacturers lower the amount of sodium to more reasonable amounts. Most of the salt in these types of food are hidden. We barely read the food labels to see how much has been added to keep food fresh. Some of the most common store-bought items which contain heavy amounts of sodium are:

  • Processed and frozen foods
  • Deli meat
  • Chicken
  • Pasta
  • Pizza

Restaurant food can also be high in salt.

Too much salt in the diet can cause high blood pressure and heart-related health conditions. But when we cut down on the amount of salt we add to food as we cook, we barely notice a change in taste. There are some delicious frozen foods in the stores which would taste just as good and be more healthful if the amount of sodium in them was reduced an amount which is healthier. In fact, one popular frozen food brand packs 600 mgs of sodium into one small sandwich. Health Briefs encourages readers to limit their salt intake a little every day. Avoid eating processed or frozen foods if possible. Make your own meals at home instead. Lunch time at work will be a little better knowing the leftovers are homemade and healthier.

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