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Health Briefs

Health Briefs on Why Nature is Good for Us


Get outside when the weather is nice and reap some benefits

Remember when your parents would made you go outside and play rather than stay indoors watching TV? It seems they knew something we didn’t – nature is good for us in many ways.


Health Briefs TV learns that there are very healthful reasons to get moving outside.

We exercise more when we do it outside. A power walk is much more fun and interesting when taken outside rather than inside on a treadmill. The environment is more pleasant and the scenery more stimulating. These are a few reasons why exercising outdoors is good.


It reduces stress. When you are outside exercising, it lowers stress and improves mood. Studies have been done to prove that. Even when you are most tired, a short power walk outside boosts energy.


The sun boosts the Vitamin D level is in your skin and bones which improves health.

Also, the morning sun helps someone whose body clock is out of whack get back in sync. Ask anyone who has jetlag.


Health Briefs knows that being outside helps open up the flow of creativity and improves the ability to focus better. If you feel sluggish at work, take a 15 minute break and take a walk outside. It will awaken you and help you focus on your thoughts, which in turn can lead to a productive day. Get moving outdoors, readers.

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