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Health Briefs

Healthy Wedding Tips for Guests from Health Briefs TV


A colorful and healthy wedding reception appetizer.

Weddings are beautiful events to attend. The reception is a fun time to gather with families and friends. The tables are set elegantly with food which looks divine. Health Briefs TV offers some suggestions about how to enjoy time special time and while remaining faithful to wellness goals


No matter what time of day the wedding and reception are it is a good idea to start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Have a tall glass of homemade orange juice, a cup or two of coffee and maybe a whole wheat English muffin with low-fat cream cheese and berries. This is hearty enough to begin fueling the body for the long day ahead. Plus, it doesn’t cause bloating which can make dresses and men’s suits feel tight. Head outside if it’s nice and take a walk to calm excitement and get the blood moving. It also warms up joints and muscles to be ready for dancing later.


Drink plenty of water before the wedding and be sure to visit the rest room before the ceremony begins. If it’s warm or even hot and the wedding is outdoors, it is even more important to stay hydrated as weddings can run late and long.


At the reception, Health Briefs urges guests to enjoy small tastes of the heavier appetizers.  Look for fruit and veggies on the buffet tables and enjoy a side plate of them. They are healthy fillers.  When it’s time to have some of that heavenly wedding cake, take the smallest slice. Savor each bite and relish the richness of the frosting. Have one or two drinks the healthy way – a splash of fruit juice and tonic water with a slice of lemon or lime. Then plenty of water.


Grab a favorite dance partner and hit the dance floor when the music starts. Not only is it a fun mini cardio workout, but one which will burn some of the calories as the afternoon and night goes on. When it’s time to leave, wish the new couple happiness and love, and walk to the parking lot. Smile. You made it through a wedding and reception with health and wellness goals still intact.

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