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Health Briefs

Health Briefs TV on Workplace Hazards

There are many hazards in the workplace which jeopardize every day safety. Health Briefs TV shares information on a few which have the potential to affect long-term memory later on.


Chemical solvents which are used for a variety of purposes can severely affect respiration and memory. Solvents and benzene used on the job can affect memory and cognitive function years after a worker comes into contact with them. In the brain, solvents are absorbed by tissues and this later affects the memory of the workers.  It is therefore essential to all workers who use solvents, chlorine and other chemicals to wear a respirator or use a safer version of paint or paint thinner. Employers should provide protective gear to those that work with hazardous materials. Health Briefs reminds readers that this includes masks, coveralls, gloves, goggles, boots and other items. Although many industries do take precautions against workplace hazards, some do not. Until better federal regulations are made and passed, it is everyone’s job to be aware of workplace safety.



Protect workers from hazardous workplace chemicals and solvents

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