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Health Briefs TV on Healthy Breakfast Options for Kids


A banana “hot dog” is a healthy breakfast option for kids (and adults).

According to children’s nutrition advocates, kids are eating more than 10 pounds of sugar per year just from having a bowl of cereal every morning. Health Briefs TV explores the report and offers some healthier options for breakfast options for kids.

A new report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzed more than 1,500 breakfast cereals, which included 181 specifically marketed to kids. Their results were astonishing: children’s cereal contained more than 40% more sugar per “serving” than adult cereals. Serving sizes are not measured accurately as to what the average person consumes per meal. Sugary cereals contain as much sugar as ice cream, cookies, candy and some sodas.  Health Briefs notes that the EWG, along with children’s nutrition advocates are demanding better food labeling. They are also clear that cereals for kids should not contain more than a teaspoon of sugar per serving.

To keep kids eating healthy, nutritionists suggest serving unsweetened hot cereals and eating fruit or other whole foods with no added sugar. Additional options include Greek yogurt with honey and fresh fruit, fresh fruit smoothies, banana “hotdogs” with peanut butter in a whole wheat bun, breakfast sandwiches such as grilled cheese or PB&J, and more. Go online and find more creative ideas.

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