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Health Briefs TV on Allergies


Cleansing wipes could be the culprit causing an allergic reaction


Allergies can be determined when we are kids and new ones can develop later when we are adults. Health Briefs TV looks at a few items we may be allergic to and didn’t know.







Cleansing wipes and baby wipes – An ingredient in them called methylisothiazolinone, or MI, is used to replace paraben and formaldehyde in the wipes. This can cause an allergic rash to break out on adults and some infants. Read the package label and avoid using wipes with this ingredient.


Lotions used all the time – As odd as it seems, the lotion we use all the time is the one which can suddenly cause allergic red bumps on our skin. And once that happens, we become allergic to that lotion for the rest of our lives.


Anti-itch cream – As luck would have it, some people will find they have an allergic reaction to anti-itch cream. It contains an ingredient called neomycin which some people will find they are allergic to.


Bed sheets – Dust mites and dead skin can makes people sneeze, eyes water and noses itch which are all symptoms of allergies. Carpets and furniture are also favorite places for the little buggers. Wash bed linens in hot water, vacuum carpets and furniture often and see if that helps.


Household plants – The Health Briefs TV show learns that some household plants have mold on them from being overwatered and having poor drainage. To prevent this – add a think level of gravel to the bottom of the plant and put it in a well ventilated area.

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